this is how your

Calathea crocata Tassmania

will feel at its best

The Calathea crocata Tassmania is not very demanding as far as its daily care is concerned. If you keep in mind the following tips, you will be able to enjoy it for a very long time.

  • Because of the environmentally friendly coir, it is important that the Calathea is kept in a layer of 2 cm of water at all times
  • Keep the Calathea out of full sunlight
  • Keep it out of draughts
  • A normal room temperature is ideal for the Calathea
  • Add fertiliser once a month, except during the flowering period

You will see that if you stick to this, you will get to enjoy a beautiful flowering plant for at least two months. And when the plant has finished flowering after 2-3 months, you will still have a beautiful houseplant. To get the Calathea to flower again, you should cut away the dead flowers and continue to take good care of it. New shoots will naturally develop in the plant. Once these shoots are about 10 cm long, you should tease the plant a little to get it to flower again:

  • Remove the old leaves from the plant, but do not remove the leaf stems
  • Put your plant in a cool, fairly dark place, such as a bedroom
  • Give it only a little bit of water for 10 weeks, but make sure it does not droop, a little water once a week is enough

After 10 weeks, the plant should have grown new buds. Now is the time to start pampering her again. Put her back into the light and make sure she always stands in 2 cm of water. And after another 9 weeks, you will again get to enjoy a fully flowering Calathea.

Do you still have some questions? Or do you still have problems with the care of your plant? Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to help.