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Calathea Crocata plants are not very demanding when it comes to their daily care. If you take the following points into account, you will be able to enjoy your Crocata for a long time.

  • Because of the environmentally friendly coconut it is important that the Crocata is placed in a layer of 2 cm of water at all times. For the smaller Tassminia 1 cm of water is sufficient
  • Keep the Crocata plant out of direct sunlight
  • Don’t put the plant in a drafty location
  • Room temperature is ideal for the Crocata
  • Apply fertilizer to the plant once a month, except during the flowering period

You will see that if you stick to these instructions, you will enjoy a beautiful and flowering plant for at least two months. And when the plant has finished flowering after 2 to 3 months you will still have a beautiful houseplant. To get the Crocata back into bloom, it is best to cut the dead flowers from the plant and continue to take good care of it. In this way, new shoots will automatically appear in the plant. When these shoots are about 10 cm tall, you will have to tease the plant a little to get it to flower again:

  • Remove the old leafs from the plant, but leave the stems of the leafs
  • Put your plant in a cool, relatively dark place, for example in the bedroom
  • Provide little water during 10 weeks, but the plant shouldn’t start to hang down
  • Adding a little water once a week will suffice

After 10 weeks the plant will have developed buds again. That’s when you can start spoiling her again. Put her back into the light and make sure she always has enough water, about 2 cm. Another 9 weeks later you will have a Crocata in full bloom.

Do you have any questions? Or do you need further assistance with regard to the care for the plant? Send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

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